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Monoblock Recycled asphalt plant DGR2000T220D 180t/h

Group DGR Recycling Series
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-08-03
Item specifics
Rated capacity180T/H
RAP proportion60%-70%
Rated Production Capacity
180 t/h
Cold  Feeder Bin
Number × Volume
 5 × 10 m³
RAP Cold  Feeder Bin
Number × Volume
3× 12 m³ 
Dryer Drum
Diameter Ø
ø 2.2 m
9 m
Fuel Type
Diesel Oil/ Heavy Oil / Nature Gas / Coal Powder
Drying Capacity
– Moisture Content 3%
220 t/h
– Moisture Content 5%
180 t/h
RAP Dryer Drum
Diameter Ø
ø 1.9 m
10 m
Fuel Type
Diesel / Heavy Oil / Nature Gas 
Drying Capacity
– Moisture Content 3%
120 t/h
– Moisture Content 5%
100 t/h
Bag Filter
Dust Filtering Method
(1st Stage) Pre-separator + (2nd Stage) Bag Filtering House
Mixing Tower
Screening Area
24.2 m²
Hot Bin Quantity
5 + 1
Hot Bin Overall Volume
21 m³
Aggregates Weighing
3000 kg
Filler Weighing
400 kg
Bitumen Weighing
400 kg
RAP Surge Area
6 m³
RAP Weighing Hopper
2500 kg
Mixing Power
2 × 45 kW
Mixing Rated Volume
3300 kg
Mixing Capacity
264 t/h
Filler Scaling & Feeding
Screw Conveyor With Dual Frequency Conversion, Batching, Continuous Feeding To Mixer
Bitumen Scaling & Feeding
Dynamic 2-Stage Measurement, High Pressure Uniformly Spray.
Mixing type
Double Shaft/ Twin Motor/ Synchro Twin Reducer

Hot Mix Storage Bin Type
Under Mixer
Hot Mix Storage Bin Capocity
(30 + 30)60 m³
Bitumen Supply System
Filler Supply System
Control System
• DGLeap Control System 2.0ontrol System 2.0
• Large Screen Industrial Computer
• PLC Touch Screen HMI
• Laser Printer
• Air-Conditioned Control Cabin
• Dust Density⩽20mg/Nm³
• Ringelmann Blackness Class 1
• Noise in Control Cabin ⩽70dB
• Factory Standard
• Industry Standard
• National Standard
• CE Standard
• implement the highest standard
The above specifications are for reference only. D&G Machinery reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and improvement at any time without prior notice or obligation.